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Our ultimate goal is helping doctors achieve the best possible results for patients. This includes services available through the Southwestern Health Resources Accountable Care Network (SWHRACN), including support designed specifically for Medicare beneficiaries.


One of the ways we are improving care for Medicare patients is through our Accountable Care Organization (ACO). We bring doctors, hospitals, and caregivers together, teams focused on coordinating high-quality care for patients. This helps ensure the right care is provided at the right time.

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What exactly is an ACO?

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are groups of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers which come together voluntarily to help Medicare patients get the care that’s best suited for their individual need. This helps avoid unnecessary duplication of services, as well as prevents medical errors.


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To take advantage of our ACO’s services, you’ll need a primary care physician participating in our network. If you already have a primary care physician (or need to find one), take a look at our website to see names of doctors that are designated as ACO Participating Physicians.


Remember, the ACO is not a health plan. It doesn’t require you to stay in a plan or change your Medicare coverage. You can visit any physician or hospital that accepts your Medicare coverage, whenever you choose.

“We believe supporting the doctor-patient relationship is key to improving the quality of health care. This is key to how the Southwestern Health Resources Accountable Care Network ACO is working to make healthcare better. ”
Mack Mitchell, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer, Southwestern Health Resources Accountable Care Network
Vice President for Medical Affairs, UT Southwestern Medical Center

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Want to know more about Southwestern Health Resources? Here’s how it works for you:

  • You gain access to a team of healthcare experts to help streamline the best care.

  • Primary care physicians (PCPs), specialists and hospitals work together to improve results for patients.

  • Both you and your physicians benefit from extra support to better manage health conditions.
  • Your current participating providers will be able to share information about your health to coordinate your care.

  • Fewer repeated medical tests are required because your doctors and hospitals will share information and coordinate your care.

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