ACO Realizing Equity, Access, and Community Health (REACH) Model

ACO Realizing Equity, Access, and Community Health (REACH) Model Information


Accountable Care Organization (ACO) name and location

Southwestern Health Resources Accountable Care Network
1601 Lyndon B, Johnson Freeway, Suite 800
Farmers Branch, Texas 75234

Mailing address: 

1601 Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway, Suite 800
Farmers Branch, Texas 75234

Hours of operation:

  • Monday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Tuesday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Wednesday:  8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Thursday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Friday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Phone: 214-389-7272


ACO primary contacts

Christy Cawthon, Vice President, Medical Economics and Contract Performance

Michelle Mirkovic, Program Director, Regulatory and Value-Based Care


Accountable Care Organization information

Southwestern Health Resources Accountable Care Network (SWHRACN) represents a model of health care delivery based on a strategy to better align physicians, hospitals, and payers in order to provide better access to care, better clinical quality, and control costs. In January 2022, SWHRACN was selected to participate in Global and Professional Direct Contracting (GPDC) Model through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as a Direct Contracting Entity (DCE).  That model changed for the 2023 performance year to ACO Realizing Equity, Access, and Community Health (REACH). SWHRACN works with CMS through the ACO REACH Model to provide high-quality care in a cost-efficient manner with a patient-centered approach. SWHRACN shares the following information regarding its participation as an ACO:

Southwestern Health Resources ACO REACH participants (names listed under each letter below by first letter of the first name):

Aaron Samsula, MD
Abigail Soto, PA
Adam Khadbai, MD
Adam Miner, MD
Adam Parsons, MD
Adeel Qureshi, MD
Adrian Salazar, M.D.
Afeefa Chaudhry, MD
Agatina Archer
Agna Bailey, DO
Agnieszka Kitowicz, MD
Ahmad Anshasi, M.D.
Ahmed Darwish, MD
Aimee Simington, NP-C
Aimee Wright, DO
Aisha Khan, MD
Aitazaz Shah, MD
Ajaz Khan, MD
Alan Kaye, MD
Alan Kenney, MD
Alejandro Singer, MD
Alexander Vanderzant, PA-C
Alexandra Akra, PA-C
Alfred Hulse, DO
Alfred Zevallos, MD
Ali Khan, MD
Alice Reed, APRN, FNP-BC
Alicia Gustafson, DO
Alison Sibley, MD
Allison Cothern, APRN, FNP-C
Allison Lander, MD
Allison Thomas, NP
Alma Pederson, NP
Alyssa Brion, PA
Alyssa Reams, PA-C
Amaka Opute, ACANP
Amanda Azevedo, FNP-C
Amanda Moir, APRN, FNP-C
Amareswari Gottipati, MD
Ambareen Salam, MD
Amber Kerbow, PA-C
Amber Larimore-Olguin, APRN, FNP-C
Amber Mayes, PA-C
Amber Payne, PA-C
Amber Rogers, MD
Amber Snider
Amber Stasiak, PA
Amber Thomas, PA-C
Amber Walls, APRN, FNP-BC
Amer Shakil
Ami Shah, MD
Aminah Naveed, MD
Amr Takieldeen, MD
Amrutha Pavle, M.D.
Amy Bond, NP
Amy Grafa, PA-C
Amy Karaniewsky, DO
Amy Murphy, MD
Andrea Cheneweth, NP
Andrea Ford, DO
Andrea Giomi, MD
Andrea Jochim, M.D.
Andrew Augsburger, APRN, FNP-C
Andrew Chung, MD
Andrew Phan, MD
Aneeqa Butt, MD
Angela Brinson, APRN, FNP-C
Angelene Stewart, DO
Angelica Salazar, PA-C
Angelique Tchounkovsky, APRN, ANP-BC
Angelita Nwaokelemeh, NP
Angie Hudgins, PA-C
Angie Le, MD
Anika Stiffend Williams, PA
Anisa Lakhani, APRN, FNP-C
Anita Khetan, MD
Anitha Vyza, MD
Anna Burke, MD
Anna Gresham, FNP
Anna Small, APRN, FNP-C
Anna Wani, M.D.
Anne Daniel, NP
Anthony Kim, MD
Anthony Lockaby, PA-C
Anthony Vallarino, DO
Antoine Albert
Antonio Barksdale, MD
Anu Sury, DO
Anupama Gangavati, M.D.
April Claunch, APRN, FNP-C
April Enard, DO
Arash Tirandaz, MD
Ariba Akhund
Arif Mahmood, MD
Arsalan Malik, MD
Arthur Hong, M.D.
Arundhati Harati, MD
Arunpriya Vadivelu, MD
Ashley Banda, PA-C
Ashley Fagan, DO
Ashley Goodall, PA-C
Ashley Hartman, PA-C
Ashley Logan, APRN, FNP-C
Ashley Rios, PA-C
Ashlyn Archer, PA-C
Ashlynn Zerger, APRN, FNP-C
Asif Aziz
Asif Khan, MD
Asma Ashraf, MD
Asma Sayeed, MD
Astrid Gutsmann, DO
Astrud Villareal, M.D.
Atiq Budhani, DO
Atiya Iqbal, MD
Audra Hoheisel, APRN, FNP-C
Aurelio Ibarra, MD
Austin Plumlee, M.D.
Bane Smith, MD
Bao Nguyen Phuc, MD
Barbara Baxter, MD
Barsha Sharma-Arjel, NP
Beau Meyer, MD
Becky Wynn, NP
Belinda Obrien, APRN, FNP-C
Belinda Vicioso, M.D.
Belma Zachariah, APRN, FNP-C
Benjamin Brashear, MD
Benjamin Jones, MD
Benjamin Linden, MD
Berto Zamora, MD
Beth Yu, MD
Bethany Agusala, M.D.
Bethany Gardner, PA-C
Bethany Grubb, PA-C
Betsy Mathew, FNP
Betsy None, APRN, FNP-C
Betsy Thomas, APRN, FNP-BC
Betty Grasty, M.D.
Bianca Agnello, NP
Bijal Patel, NP
Bijas Benjamin, MD
Bill Shumate, MD
Bina Sharma, MD
Binh Nguyen, DO
Bishwas Upadhyay, MD
Blake Barker, M.D.
Blessing Egede
Bliss Puthenpurayil, M.D.
Bo Wang, MD
Bradley Friedman, MD
Bradley Jones, MD
Bradley Wasson, DO
Brandee Pemberton, MD
Breanna Parker, APRN, FNP-C
Brenda Ewart, DO
Brenda Reed, APRN, FNP-BC
Brenda Wallace, PA-C
Brent Bunnell, DO
Brett Cochrum, MD
Brian Glaser, DO
Brian Haag, APRN, FNP-C
Brian Meusborn, PA-C
Britney Cornett, PA-C
Brittany Bradshaw, NP
Brittany Frantz, NP
Brittney Pugh, PA-C
Brooks Brodrick, M.D., Ph.D.
Bruce Henry, MD
Bruce Linden, MD
Bryan Lowery, MD
Bush Benjamin, MD
Callie Kirby, APRN, FNP-BC, NP-C
Camille Haworth, PA
Candice Thornton, MD
Carissa Davis, PA-C
Carl Dear, PAC
Carlene St John, NP
Carlos Galindo, MD
Carol Addy, PA
Carol Wood, DO
Caroline King, MD
Carolyn Ahn, NP
Casey Elliott, PA-C
Casey Nguyen, MD
Cassandra Gutierrez, APRN, FNP-C
Catherine Braun, PA-C
Cecil Bailey
Cesar Torres, MD
Chad Crager, APRN; FNP-C
Chad Hogan, MD
Chad Nyland, DO
Chandana Reddy, DO
Chandra Brown, MD
Charla Sperring, DO
Charles Calvert, DO
Charles Kwaw, MD
Charles Mcwilliams, APRN, FNP-C
Charles Powell, MD
Chasareth Thompson, PA-C
Chasity Neece, FNP
Chelsea Cole, M.D.
Chelsey Southern, PA-C
Cherelle Hill, APRN, FNP-C
Cherese Wiley, MD
Cheryl Richards, DO
Cheryl Thamaravelil, MD
Chiao Lie, MD
Chirag Patel, MD
Chong Liu
Chrisette Dharmagunaratne
Christian Reisch, PA-C
Christie Egbuchunam, MD
Christina Casey, DO
Christina Kuo, MD
Christine Becker, MD
Christine Liu, M.D.
Christine Varela, APRN FNP-C
Christopher Martinez, APRN, FNP-BC
Christopher Regan, MD
Christopher Rheams, MD
Christy Turer, M.D.
Chuangmin Wu, NP
Chung Wei Hsu, DO
Cindi Peters, RN
Claudia Castano
Cory Logan, PA-C
Courtney Fernandez, PA-C
Courtney Larkin, APRN, FNP-C
Courtney Roark, MD
Craig Rubin, M.D.
Cryselda Trevino, PA-C
Crystal Foster, M.D.
Crystal Kronenberger, MD
Crystal Lucas, NP
Cynthia Cruz, APRN, FNP-C
Cynthia Dethlefs, PA
Cynthia Shughrue, DO
Cynthia Wilder, MD
Dan Nguyen, DO
Dan Sepdham, M.D.
Dana Huyen Dinh, MD
Danica Jordan, DO
Daniel Elliott, MD
Daniel Mcgilvray, DO
Daniel Naberhaus, MD
Daniel Sone, DO
Daniela Gamboa Sejas
Danielle Forte, PA-C
Danielle Heck, NP
Danielle Ivey, MD
Danny Deckard, PA
Danphuong Wang, M.D.
Darshna Shahiwala
Davey Perrin, MD
David Balis, M.D.
David Blocker, MD
David Brehm, MD
David Candelario, DO
David Deems, MD
David Engleman, MD
David Garza, MD
David Gonzales, PA-C
David Grinsfelder, MD
David Ko, MD
David Lee, MD
David Mclendon, NP
David Stotts, DO
David Tobias, MD
David Turney, MD
David Wiggans, MD
David Wilson, MD
David Yi, MD
Dawn Dodd, NP
Dean Dimmitt, MD
Debbie Mcdougall, NP
Deborah Freeland, M.D.
Debra Caldwell, NP
Debra Hunter
Debra Ray, NP
Dee Mccrary, MD
Deepa Chintala, MD
Deepti Khullar, FNP
Del Perry, APRN, FNP-C
Delara Pollman, NP
Della Mathew, MD
Denise Bannister, MD
Denise Bruckerhoff, DO
Dennis Poquiz, MD
Derek Hundt, PA-C
Derek Wrzesinski, PA-C
Dhruti Desai
Diana Coxsey, MD
Dillon Wade, PA-C
Dina Diehl, DO
Divijani Puttagunta, MD
Dolores King, MD
Dominecia Maxwell, APRN, FNP-C
Donald Fowler, MD
Donna Casey, MD
Douglas Wood, DO
Ebere Azubuike, MD
Eddy Via, MD
Edid Ramos Rivas, MD
Eduardo Mulanovich, M.D.
Edward Lin, MD
Edward Stephens, M.D.
Eliazar Alvarez, MD
Elisa Gerdes, PA-C
Elisabeth Tilleros, MD
Elise Shankle, APRN, FNP-C
Elitania Vazquez-Loeza, F.N.P.
Elizabeth Barta, DO
Elizabeth Bellomy
Elizabeth Blair, PA-C
Elizabeth Pearch, DO
Elizabeth Troxell, PA-C
Elsa Varughese
Emily Bengston, PA-C
Emily Bufkin, M.D.
Emily Bustin, MD
Emily Green, NP
Emily Hoff, M.D.
Emily Levy Kamugisha, M.D.
Emily Luevanos, PA
Emily Mcallister, FNP
Emily Mccullar, MD
Enid Romanelli, MD
Ephraim Keng, MD
Eric Bash, PA
Eric Futscher, MD
Eric Hames, MD
Eric Steen, M.D.
Erica Chu, M.D.
Erick Arellano, APRN, FNP-C
Ericka Walker-Williams, M.D.
Erika Goff, NP
Erika Ruiz, PA-C
Erin Simms, FNP
Estela Ortiz, APRN, FNP-BC
Evan Mulamba, PA-C
Fahad Najeeb, MD
Fakhrudin Aaseemah Mohamed, MD
Farah Shah, MD
Fatma Antakli, NP
Felicia Hoffman, PA
Fergus Akwar, MD
Fiona Patel, PA-C
Florence Tomasic, NP
Folake Falaki
Francesca Luppert, APRN, FNP-C
Francisco Chacon, MD
Frank Schneider, M.D., M.S.P.H.
Franklin Casey, MD
Fred Bishop, MD
Fred Rohm, DO
Frederick Purnell, PA-C
Gary Bonacquisti, MD
Gary Tigges, MD
Gena Jacinto, APRN, FNP-BC
Gene Bigham, MD
Gene Devora, MD; PhD
Gerald Ray, DO
Ghufran Ahmed, MD
Glorianna Iloff, PA-C
Godfrey Chithambo, MD
Gopi Bhakta, NP
Graciela Diver, NP
Graciella Martinez, NP
Grant Michalak
Gregory Rochfort, MD
Greta Brodsky, MD
Gretchen Mattner, APRN, FNP-C
Gretchen Toler, MD
Guadalupe Reyna, D.O.
Guia Pangindian, PA-C
Gustavo Day, MD
Ha Do, MD
Hafsa Syeda
Hailey Alford, PA-C
Hanh Dieu Nguyen
Hanhdung Nguyen
Hannah Payton, PA-C
Hardeep Rai, MD
Harikrishna Raja, MD
Harinineeraja Meda, MD
Haroon Rehman, MD
Harveer Parmar, MD
Hassan Imam, MD
Heather Boyd, PA
Heather Chatriand, PA-C
Heather Rich, NP
Heather Wainstein, M.D.
Hector Castro, MD
Helen Tyson, APRN, FNP-C
Heli Niemi, MD
Hema Haridas, MD
Hilary Bates, PA-C
Hilda Loria, M.D.
Hina Zaman, MD
Hitesh Yagnik, MD
Holly Roberts, PA-C
Hong Xiao, MD
Honling Yuen, MD
Hoss Mansoori, FNP-C
Howard Kweller, MD
Hsiuhui Chien, APRN, FNP-C
Hugh Mcclung, M.D.
Hui Wang, MD
Humberto Lopez, DO
Humberto Lopez, MD
Humera Ahmed, MD
Humza Siddiqi, M.D.
Hung Nguyen, MD
Huong Tong, MD
Huy Nguyen, MD
Ibidunni Ukegbu, MD
Ida Herrera, APRN, FNP-C
Ifeoma Kalu, MD
Iffat Jahan, MD
Ikenna Nweke, MD
Indyia Lacount, NP
Iram Hamdard, MD
Jack Johnson, MD
Jack Maxwell, DO
Jack Wright, MD
Jaclyn Albin, M.D.
Jaime Mendez, APRN, FNP-C
Jala Redmon, PA-C
James Anderson, MD
James Burke, PA-C
James Carroll, MD
James Chanez, MD
James Garvin, PA-C
James Havemann, MD
James Hinton, MD
James Irvine, DO
James Mitlyng, M.D.
James Mullowney
James Muns, MD
Jamie Inman, DO
Jamie Nivens, D.O.
Jana Davis, PA-C
Janani Krishnaswami, MD
Jane Mokwenye, APRN
Janel Duval, NP
Janelle Anderson, APRN, AGACNP-BC
Janelle Rosenberger, NP
Janet Lin, MD
Janley Appleton, APRN, CPNP-PC
Janna Massar, MD
Jared Morphew, M.D.
Jared York, PA-C
Jason Conn, DO
Jason Fish, M.D., M.S.H.S.
Jason Newman, M.D.
Jason Sapp, APRN, FNP-C
Jason Siegel, MD
Jason Varghese, MD
Jaspaul Bhangoo, MD
Jaspreet Alang, MD
Jaxel Lopez Sepulveda, MD
Jay Jones, MD
Jean Seignon, PA-C
Jeana Bright, DO
Jeannette George, NP
Jean-Pierre Letellier, MD
Jeff Rickert, PA
Jeffin Alex, PA
Jeffrey Carruthers, MD
Jeffrey Goudreau, MD
Jeffrey Komenda, MD
Jehangir Gowani, MD
Jemini Abraham, MD
Jency Jacob, NP
Jennifer Aldrich, MD
Jennifer Attmore, MD
Jennifer Bontreger, DO
Jennifer Edwards, MD
Jennifer Kamp
Jennifer Mata, PA
Jennifer Mitchell, PA-C
Jennifer Pohlmann-Patterson, MD
Jennifer Proffitt, PA-C
Jennifer Speaker, MD
Jennifer Walsh, M.D.
Jennifer Wilkerson, MD
Jeremy Chow, M.D.
Jeremy Everett, DO
Jeremy Liesveld, NP
Jessica Althof, NP
Jessica Barreto, M.D.
Jessica Campbell, M.D.
Jessica Dominguez, PA
Jessica Huerta, DO
Jessica Ngo, MD
Jessica Nguyen, DO
Jessica Thomas, PA-C
Jessica Voit, M.D.
Jessica Watson, DNP
Jewel Johnson, PA-C
Jhee Lee, M.D.
Jian Huan Meng, MD
Jill Glick, DO
Jill Mccarthy, ANP
Jill Pridgen, PA-C
Jill Wolf, MD
Jillian Fincher, APRN, FNP-BC
Jimmy Aleman, APRN, FNP-C, ACNP-BC
Jimmy Baugh
Jinal Patel, MD
Jinping Chai, MD
Jinsong Zhang, MD
Jisook Kim, NP
Jodi Miller, APRN, FNP-BC
Joe Owens, MD
Joe Perryman, MD
Johanna Hernaiz Baez, MD
John Arkusinski, DO
John Bailey, MD
John Brooks, MD
John Daramola, MD
John Flores, MD
John Hoffman, MD
John Hood, DO
John Mccray, DO
John Melek, MD
John Obbink, MD
John Page, MD
John Treer, MD
John Zarosky, MD
Jon Payne, MD
Jonith Wilkinson, FNP-C
Jon-Michael Cook, MD
Jonni Perks, FNP
Jordan Essenburg, NP
Jordan Pastorek, MD
Jose Burbano De Lara, MD
Jose Ortiz, PA-C
Jose Rivas, MD
Joseph King, MD
Joseph Mansen, MD
Joseph Murphy, MD
Joseph Park, DO
Joshua Crawford
Joshua Richard, DO
Joy De Guzman, APRN, FNP-BC
Joyce Joseph, APRN, FNP-BC
Juan Soto Lopez, MD
Judah Gruen, M.D.
Judy Morais, NP
Julian Lee, MD
Julie Taylor, APRN, FNP-C
Juliette Fumtim, MD
July Adams, PA-C
Jun Lee, MD
Justin Decoux, APRN, FNP-C
Justin Ezell, DO
Kailey Turrubiarte, FNP-C
Kaisar Yammine, PA
Kalan Bobbitt, DO
Kalpana Thakur, MD
Kamilah Jones, APRN, FNP-C
Kara Norman, PA-C
Karen Davidson, FNP
Karen King
Karen Massey, APN
Karen Stentz, APRN, FNP-C
Karin Bergman, MD
Karla Douglas, NP
Karna Gocke, MD
Karrah Black, PA
Katherina Avila, M.D.
Katherine Fulford
Katherine Koonce, APRN, FNP-C
Katherine Rushing, PA-C
Katherine Wilkins, PA-C
Katheryn Findlay, APRN, FNP-C
Kathleen Daigle, PA-C
Kathryn Cornelius, MD
Kathryn Heine, APRN, FNP-C
Kathryn Mosley, PA
Kathy Mohammadi, PA
Katyayan Dwivedi, MD
Kausar Javed, MD
Kavita Shah, MD
Kavitha Moolamalla, MD
Kaylee Coffman, PA
Keesha Wyatt, APRN, FNP-C
Kehinde Odedosu, M.D.
Kelley Shaffer, PA-C
Kelly Ashworth, PA
Kelly Felps, MD
Kelly Scherer, APRN, ANP-C
Kelly Tolar, PA-C
Kelly Wimberly, MD
Kelsey Ackerman, NP
Kenneth Bernal, DO
Kenneth Hamilton, MD
Kenneth Katzen, D.O.
Ketan Patel, MD
Kevin Epple
Kevin Katzen, D.O.
Kevin Kuenstler, MD
Kevin Longshaw, MD
Kevin Mckinney, MD
Khalida Yasmin, MD
Kierra Smith, NP
Kieu Nguyen, APRN, FNP-BC
Kim Vu, NP
Kimberlea Roe, MD
Kimberly Aparicio, M.D.
Kimberly Barnes, APRN, FNP-BC
Kimberly Crawford, MD
Kimberly Kammerer, FNP-C
Kimberly Pullen, PA-C
Kimberly Robinson, PA-C
Kimberly Stone, M.D., MPH
Kimberly Wolf, FNPC
Kimloan Nguyen, M.D.
Komal Pravin-Patel, FNP
Krishna Tatineni, MD
Krishnan Nair, MD
Krishnaveni Bethi, MD
Krista Kasinec, DO
Kristen Brannon, PA-C
Kristen Crawford, MD
Kristen Lund, PA
Kristi Alverson
Kristi Catacutan, BSN; RN; PA-S2
Kristi Harring, PA-C
Kristin Sheneman
Kristina Salcedo, NP-C
Kristyn Montgomery, PA-C
Krystal Lowry, NP
Kuldeep Singh, MD
Kushum Pokharel, NP-C
Kyle Boatman, APRN, FNP-C
Kyle Carter, MD
Kyle Fisher, PA-C
Kyle Gummelt, DO
Kyle Molen, MD
Kylee Bundschuh, PA
Kyleigh Benton, PA-C
Kyley Roberts, MD
Kylie Steimer, PA
Kyoko Arata, NP
Ladan Bakhtari, MD
Lakeisha Alexander, FNP
Laleh Bigdeli, MD
Lalita Gupta, MD
Lana Heath, NP
Laquita Shepherd, MD
Lata Pablani, MD
Latha Thomas, APRN, FNP-BC
Latonja Shaw, APRN, FNP-C
Laura Cervantes, APRN, FNP-C
Laura Gonzales, PA-C
Laura Grundy, APRN, FNP-BC
Laura Harger, PA
Laura Holloway, PA
Laura Sapaugh, PA-C
Lauren Alvarado, APRN, FNP-C
Lauren Jones, NP
Lauren Leimer, APRN, FNP-C
Lauren Miller, PA-C
Lauren Ward, M.D.
Leon Chen, MD
Les Sandknop, DO
Lianne Cagnazzi, M.D.
Lien Lam, DO
Liji Jobin, APRN, FNP-C
Lillian White, MD
Linda Bang, MD
Linda Hampton, NP
Linda Parker, MD
Lindsay Goethals, APRN, FNP-C
Lindsey Foote, MD
Ling Chu, M.D.
Linus Miller, DO
Lisa Buell, MD
Lisa Medwedeff, MD
Lisa Reid, APRN, FNP-C
Lisa Zimmerer, PA-C
Loraine Yeoham, DO
Lorie Belitere-Blessing, MD
Lorinda Torres, MD
Louis Coates, DO
Lowell Koppel, MD
Luis Valdes Castillo, NP
Luke Ouyang, MD
Lyle Kaliser, MD
Lynda Mbah, MD
Lyndi Armstrong, NP
Lynne Orozco, M.D.
Lynnette Hollon, APRN, FNP-C
Lysandra Yang, MD
M Jeanine Thomas, DO
Mackenzie Price
Mackenzie Warner, PA-C
Madeline Rodriguez, M.D.
Madison Ashley, PA-C
Magda Hennes, M.D., Ph.D.
Magdalena Chavez, PA
Maheswari Raja, MD
Mahmood Khan, MD
Mahvish Ayman
Mai Hoang, MD
Malika Virani, NP
Mandeep Acharya, MD
Mandy Micheaux, PA-C
Manik Aggarwal, MD
Maninder Kaur, NP
Manish Desai, MD
Manju Mathew, D.O.
Manojkumar Dobariya, MD
Mara Cunningham, D.O.
Marc Tribble, MD
Margaret Cusack, MS; RN; FNP-C
Margaret Kyakuwa, APRN, FNP-BC
Margaret Mclean, C.N.S.-A.N.
Margie Chung, NP
Marha Gonzalez, MD
Maria Biard, MD
Maria Gaydos, MD
Maria Ramirez, NP
Maria Shehan, PA-C
Mariam Khan, MD
Marian James, APRN, FNP-C
Maria-Raquel Weaver, MD
Marissa Quehl, PA-C
Marium Afzal, M.D.
Mark Ginnings, MD
Mark Meehlhause, MD
Mark Pedigo, PA-C
Mark Sij, DO
Marshall Morrison, MD
Martin Cohen, MD
Martin Mcelya, DO
Marvis Bellagwa, NP
Mary Booles
Mary Hammack, MD
Mary Hernandez-Zhang, M.D.
Mary Mcgarry, M.D.
Mary Van Hal, MD
Mary Ward, DO
Maryann Efesoa, DNP
Matthew Glick, DO
Matthew Roberson, MD
Mclean Sanborn, MD
Mechiell Tucker, PA
Meenu Sharma, MD
Megan Garth, FNP-C; MSN; RN
Megan Sloan
Meghan Bowen, PA
Melanie Christina, MD
Melanie Scott, PA-C
Melissa Benavides, PA-C
Melissa Canter, PA
Melissa Linares, APRN, FNP-C
Melissa Pearson, PA-C
Melissa Philip, DO
Melody Barker
Melody Matej, APRN, FNP-C
Meredith Allen, PA
Meredith Yount, PA-C
Merene Thomas, MD
Meria Aulds, MD
Michael Bowen, M.D., M.P.H.
Michael Brancheau, MD
Michael Bratsch, DO
Michael Burton, M.D., M.S.P.H.
Michael Chiu, M.D.
Michael Cooper, MD
Michael Dao, MD
Michael Rogers, MD
Michael Sullivan, PA-C
Michael Tolle, MD
Michael Williams, DO
Michele Burzynski, MD
Michele Hampton, PA
Michelle Chung, M.D.
Michelle Ho, MD
Michelle Lor, NP-C
Mihaela Perijoc, MD
Mihoko Abegunde, AGNP
Mimi Idicula, NP
Mir Ali, MD
Mirza Hasan, MD
Mitali Goyal, MD
Mitsi Pimentel, APRN, FNP-C
Mohamed Bojang
Mohammad Azad, MD
Mohammad Uddin, MD
Mohammed Antwi, PA-C
Mohammed Ibrahim, MD
Mohammed Mohiuddin, MD
Mohiudin Zeb, MD
Molly Boggs, PA-C
Monica Hudson, NP
Monica Jackson, NP
Monica Olivier, DO
Monsurat Shoola, NP
Morgan Howard, PA-C
Moriah Kerr, NP
Morvarid Rezaie, DO
Mostafa Elsakka, MD
Muhammad Farooqi, MD
Muhammad Sadiq, MD
Muhammad Siddiqui, MD
Muneer Syed, MD
Murugesan Siddhappan, MD
Mytrang Tran, MD
Nadeen Soederbaum, MD
Nader Ewaida, MD
Nadia Malik, MD
Naheed Shahid, MD
Naira Babaian, MD
Namirah Jamshed, M.D.
Nancy Lovern, FNP
Nanette Icho, MD
Narcisa Dusa, MD
Natalia Gutierrez, MD
Natalia Palacio, MD
Natalie Bridges, FNP-C
Natalie Garry, G.N.P.
Natalya Sebastian
Natasha Gupta, DO
Nathaniel Berrios, PA-C
Naureen Agha, MD
Navjot Bajwa, MD
Nazanin Moossavi, MD
Nazia Malick
Nazish Khurram
Ndubuisi Odegai, NP
Neal Lawrence, MD
Neela Shah, MD
Neelam Pingle
Neelay Gandhi, MD
Nelly Mwaniki, APRN, FNP-C
Netsanet Tefera, APRN, A-GNP-C
Ngan Nguyen, FNP-C
Nguyen Tran, DO
Nhu Tran, DO
Nhung Tran, NP
Nicholas Dressel, NP
Nicole Barnes, PA
Nicole Culp, NP
Nicole Golden, AGNP
Nicole Jouett, NP
Nicole Unkart, DO
Nida Zahra, M.D.
Nina Cahan, MD
Niraj Mehta, DO
Nirav Patel, MD
Niti Randhawa, MD
Niveen Joulani, PA-C
Noel Pearson
Nora Gimpel, M.D.
Obianamma Ozuah, ANP
Ochuele Odumosu, MD
Odilon Alvarado, MD
Olayemi Ononogbu, RN; FNP
Olubayo Idowu, MD
Olubukola Okoro, MD
Olubusola Daramola, NP
Olusesan Olotu, M.D.
Oluwaseun Odumosu, MD
Omolola Akinnodi, NP
Orion Nelson, APRN, FNP-C
Padminie Singh, MD
Paige Bowser, PA
Palaniappan Arumugham, MD
Pamela Cruz, MD
Pamela Lancarte, RN; NP
Pamela Whitener, APRN, FNP-BC
Pannaben Nangha, MD
Parvane Rashidi-Birgani, MD
Pat Craig, NP
Patricia Clark, APRN, FNP-BC
Patricia Hornsby
Patrick Conway, DO
Patrick Freeman, MD
Patrick Martin, MD
Paul Anthony, MD
Paul Broker, M.D.
Paul Fabela, MD
Paul Guttuso, MD
Paul Kim, MD
Paula Lansford-Seabaugh, DO
Paulo Calderon, MD
Pedro Cruz, MD
Pedro Gonzalez, MD
Penelope Jackson, MD
Phillip Silva, M.D.
Phuong Tran, MD
Prabha Mohan, MD
Pradeep Parihar, MD
Pragati Pandey, MD
Prasanna Khandavilli, M.D.
Pritha Browning, M.D.
Priti Ranjan, MD
Priya Jimmy, MD
Priya Patel, PA-C
Purvi Sanghvi, MD
Que Thu Pravong, DO
Quynh Nguyen, PA
Quynh Ton-That, MD
Rabia Khan, MD
Rachel Bonnema, M.D.
Rachel Dunagin, MD
Rachel Greer, PA-C
Rachel Jaison
Rachel James
Rachel Moore, APRN, FNP-BC
Rachel Onorato, PA-C
Rachel Walsh, MD
Radhika Vayani, DO
Rafael Canadas Zizzias, MD
Raghu Turebylu, MD
Rahele Lameh, MD
Rahman Mohammed Abdul, MD
Rahul Paryani, MD
Rainer Khetan, MD
Rajashri Patil, MD
Ramesh Amara, MD
Ramin Roufeh, MD
Ramon Garcia, MD
Randa Soukieh
Randal Brown, MD
Randall Richwine, DO
Randall Wooley, MD
Randi Trues, PA
Randlow Smith, MD
Rani Anbarasu, MD
Ranjit Dhelaria
Raven Johnson, MD
Ravi Siripurapu, MD
Ravindra Bharadwaj, M.D.
Ray Rollins, DO
Raymon Aggarwal, MD
Raymond Kwan, PA-C
Raza Jafry, MD
Rebecca Burchfiel, MD
Rebecca Cummings, NP
Rebecca Eary, D.O.
Rebecca Hawthorne, PA-C
Rebecca Stewart
Rebecca Wolfe, NP
Rebekah Mulligan, MD
Rebekah White, APRN, FNP-C
Rehan Khan, MD
Relda Setliff, MD
Renee Miphouvieng, APRN, FNP-C
Renee Stock, DO
Reshma Abraham, MD
Rex Moss, MD
Rey Marquino, MD
Rhonda Sharp, NP
Ricardo Diaz, MD
Richard Bell, MD
Richard Bellinger, MD
Richard Easton, PA
Richard Neckar, NP
Richard Townsend, MD
Richard Ward, MD
Richelle Trube, MD
Ricky Kauser, MD
Ricky Wade, APRN, FNP-C
Robert Andersen, MD
Robert Caivano, FNP
Robert Cook, MD
Robert Cynar, MD
Robert Dyo, MD
Robert Haddox, MD
Robert Harris, MD
Robert Maul, DO
Robert Megna, DO
Robert Paul, DO
Robert Petrie, DO
Robert Smitherman, MD
Robert Stahlman, DO
Robert Stark, MD
Robin Dore, PA
Robin Sustala, APRN, FNP-BC
Rochelle Jackson, FNP-C
Roddy Green, MD
Rodolfo Herrera, MD
Rogelio De La Rosa, APRN, FNP-C
Roger Khetan, MD
Roger Tolar, MD
Rolando Cantu, DO
Ronald Jones, DO
Ronald Lester, MD
Ronald Skufca, DO
Ronald Stewart, DO
Roopam Shyam, MD
Rosanna Joyce Battad, NP
Rosemary Bates, MD
Rubia Sadiq, MD
Ruby Desai, MD
Ruby John, MD
Ruby Kassanoff, MD
Rudo Madondo Gwitira, APRN, FNP-BC
Ruth Boe, M.D.
Ruth Harvey, D.O.
Ryan Kendrick, PA-C
Saba Shabnam, MD
Saboohi Zafar, MD
Sadaf Sabzali, MD
Sadaf Saleem, MD
Sadia Omar, M.D.
Safia Khan, M.D.
Safoora Harandi, MD
Sahba Yazdani, PA-C
Sam Abraham, MD
Samantha Cooper, DO
Samantha Hulse, NP
Samantha Myers, PA-C
Samra Aman, APRN, FNP-C
Samrath Sokhey, DO
Samuel Miller, MD
Sandip Mehta, DO
Sandra Adair, DO
Sandra Balanciere, FNP
Sapan Bindal, MD
Sapna Jaiswal, MD
Saquib Ibrahim
Sara Henley, PA-C
Sara Zaleta, MD
Sarah Ashitey, MD
Sarah Bobbitt, APRN, FNP-C
Sarah Hensley, RN; NP
Sarah Heringer, PA
Sarah Kim, PA
Sarah Mccrary, NP
Sarah Payberah, MD
Sarah Sepulveda Farrar, APRN, FNP-C
Sarah Uddin, M.D.
Sarah Wingfield, M.D.
Sarosh Ahmed, MD
Saumil Mehta, MD
Savannah Brown
Savannah Kemp, PA
Sayeh Barzin, DO
Scott Greenwood, APRN, FNP-C
Scott Martz, PA-C
Scott Neumann, DO
Scott Simms, MD
Scott Talbot, MD
Sean Hunt, DO
Sean Neufeldt
Sean Parker, MD
Seema Rao, M.D.
Sergio Haynes, PA-C
Shahab Ahmad, MD
Shahram Pajuh
Shalaun Hawkins, MD
Shalin Parikh, MD
Shalini Katikaneni, MD
Shamim Khambati, MD
Shamsuddin Lalani, MD
Shana John, PA-C
Shandolyn Story, PA
Shane Ashford, DO
Shannon Dezonia, NP
Shannon Ferguson, PA-C
Sharad Swami, MD
Sharon Irvine, MD
Shaun Gould, D.O.
Shaun Mcmurtry, MD
Shawn Holloway, APRN, FNP-BC
Shehetaj Abdurrahim, MD
Shelley Speed, ACNP, FNP
Shelly Heidelbaugh, M.D.
Shelly Skariah, NP
Sheri Hammond, RN; ACNS-BC
Sheridan Evans, MD
Sherif Hanna, MD
Sherif Rizkallla, DO
Sherley Aramath, MD
Sherry Masterson, PA
Sheuli Alam, PA
Shimaila Zuberi, MD
Shiny Michael, APRN, FNP-BC
Shirley Mcmillin, APRN, FNP-C
Shivani Desai, M.D.
Shivum Agarwal, M.D.
Shoaib Khalil, MD
Shoaib Zafar, MD
Shobha Pandey, NP
Shopana Ganpath, MD
Shounak Das, MD
Shruti Shah, PA-C
Shweta Adya, MD
Shyamala Madhavi Arani Purushotham, MD
Simon Tan, MD
Sita Boppana, MD
Sobia Yaqub, MD
Sohail Parekh, MD
Son Giep, MD
Sonya Mohan, PA
Sonyta So, PA
Sophia Hussain, MD
Sreeram Gonnalagadda, MD
Sreevani Kuncham, MD
Srijna Nandivada, M.D.
Stacy Moretta, PA
Stacy Smathers, PA-C
Stacy Tomberlin, APRN, FNP-C
Stanley Wu, MD
Stefanie Addington, MD
Stefano Cazzaniga, MD
Stephanie Brinker, M.D.
Stephanie Callaway
Stephanie Chandler, APRN, FNP-C
Stephanie Opusunju, MD
Stephanie Pham, PA
Stephanie Reinhold, MD
Stephanie Stafford, DO
Stephen Bindner, MD
Stephen Bojan, APRN, AGPCNP-BC
Stephen Drye, MD
Stephen Gist, MD
Stephen Glaser, DO
Stephen Pratt, MD
Steve Lau, MD
Steven Alesna, NP
Steven Frey, M.D.
Steven Leach, M.D.
Steven Pounders, MD
Stuart Pickell, MD
Subashini Narayanan, MD
Subbaraju Kosuri, MD
Suchitra Kamineni, MD
Sumbul Islam, MD
Sumitha Atluri, M.D.
Sunanda Cherukuri, MD
Sundye West, APRN, FNP-C
Sunil Modi, MD
Sunita Vashisth, APRN, AGPCNP-BC
Sunitha Siram, MD
Suresh Kankanala, MD
Susan Fesmire, MD
Susan Mckinney, MD
Susan Moreno, DO
Susan Overstreet, M.D.
Suthee Thumasathit, MD
Suzana Tran, NP
Suzanne Marshall, PA-C
Swapna Vattikuti
Swatee Mohapatra, MD
Swetha Kadali, MD
Sydney Laudwig, PA-C
Syeda Qadri, MD
Tabetha Wade
Tam Kang, PA-C
Tamara Mcgregor, M.D.
Tania Castleman
Tanya Rodriguez, PA
Tara Duval, M.D.
Tariq Mallick, MD
Tatiana Conley
Taylor Bevan, APRN, FNP-C
Taylor Castleberry, PA
Tearani Williams, MD
Temple Howell Stampley, M.D., MBA
Teresa King, MD
Teri Rutherford, NP
Terin Ziebarth, F.N.P.
Terrence Feehery, DO
Terrence Taylor, NP
Theresa Bryant, PA-C
Theresa Stretch, MD
Theron Ragle, MD
Thomas Dalton, M.D.
Thomas Fitzharris, MD
Thomas King, M.D.
Thomas Leffingwell, MD
Thomas Purgason, MD
Thuc-Nguyen Tran, DO
Tien Truong, DO
Tiffany Hall, NP
Tiffany May, PA-C
Tiffany Stephens, NP
Timothy Dao, MD
Timothy Mcguire, MD
Timothy Swofford, MD
Todd Cowan, MD
Todd Nguyen, MD
Tommy Duncan, MD
Tony Chuong, MD
Tony George, PA-C
Tracy Cook, RN; ANP
Tracy Oeller, PA-C
Tri Nguyen, MD
Trista Preda, APRN, FNP-C
Troy Neal, MD
Trung Duong, MD
Tuan Nguyen, DO
Tuan Nguyen, MD
Turya Nair, M.D.
Twinkle Myint, MD
Tyler Evans, D.O.
The University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center At Dallas
Uchenna Ozuah, MD
Udita Apte, MD
Uyen Nguyen, PA
Uzma Jalal, MD
Uzoamaka Obinabo, MD
University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center At Dallas
Valerie Beers
Valerie Kasmiersky, MD
Vandana Goyle, MD
Varalakshmi Devesh, MD
Vaseem Ahmed
Vasu Nalajala, MD
Veemal D'Souza, MD
Veronica Broadnax, MD
Veronica Dean, APRN, FNP-C
Vicente Morales Oyarvide, M.D., M.P.H.
Vicki Seidmeyer, DO
Victoria Florez, PA-C
Victoria Smithers, MD
Victoria Thomas, RN; FNP-C
Victoria Udezi, M.D.
Vijay Sharma, MD
Vijaya Mummadi
Vijayalakshmi Raghu, MD
Vimala Ravi, APRN FNP-BC
Vineeth Kumar, MD
Virginia Holmes, PA-C
Vishal Patel, MD
Vivian Jones, MD
Vivyenne Roche, M.D.
Wallace Sarver, DO
Walter Hinshaw, DO
Warren Cave, NP
Warren Jenkins, DO
Wei Gao, MD
Wen Lai, M.D.
Wendell Mcdaniel, DO
Wendy Fasano, PA-C
Wendy Haseloff, PA-C
Wentian Huang, MD; PhD
Wesley Acker, MD
Wesley Wilson, DO
Whitney Seeber, NP
William Byrd, MD
William Calley, MD
William Cox, MD
William Drake, MD
William Reed, M.D.
William Seger, MD
William Vencill, PA-C
Winnie Chen, PA-C
Winona Tzou, NP
Xiaohui Lu, MD
Yamuna Gurrapu
Yan Li, MD
Yasir Khan, MD
Yen Phan, DO
Yili Wang, MD
Yinghui Liu, MD
Yung Chen, DO
Zachary Botone, M.D.
Zachary Helmick, PA-C
Zaiba Jetpuri, D.O.
Zayba Hoda, PA
Zohra Nazarali, APRN, FNP-BC
Zubair Syed, M.D.
Zulema Alcaraz, APRN, FNP-BC

Southwestern Health Resources ACO REACH preferred providers (names listed under each letter below by the first letter of the first name):

Aakash Deshpande, M.D.
Aakash Goyal, M.D.
Aamer Agha, MD
Aamir Amin, MD
Aamir Rai, MD
Aanchal Taneja, MD
Aaron Glover, PA-C
Aaron Laine, MD; PhD
Aaron Schrayer, MD
Aaron Towler, C.R.N.A.
Aaron Tungate, PA-C
Aaron Van Wright, M.D.
Aarti Shakkottai, M.D.
Abbie Ewell, M.D.
Abby Culver, M.D.
Abby Lau, M.D.
Abdelmohsen Radwan Hussien, M.D., M.Sc.
Abdul Hafeez, MD
Abdul Hayee, MD
Abdul Khan, MD
Abdullah Abdussalam, MD
Abel Moron, MD
Abey Eapen, M.D.
Abey Thomas, M.D.
Abha Choudhary, M.D.
Abhay Divekar, M.D.
Abhimanyu Garg, M.D.
Abhinandan Raj, MD
Abhisek Khandai, M.D.
Abigail Patterson, M.D.
Abigale Henry, MD
Abiola Fadayomi, AGNP
Abiola Femi Abodunde, M.D.
Abram Graham, D.O.
Abrar Ahmed, MD
Achal Modi, MD
Adam Alder, M.D.
Adam Brekke, MD
Adam Hollander, MD
Adam Miller, MD
Adam Starr, M.D.
Adam Stewart, MD
Adam Wenner, PNP
Adam Wright, MD
Adam Yopp, M.D.
Ade Adedokun, DO
Adeel Haq, MD
Adeel Khan, M.D.
Adela Tsai, PNP
Aderonke Salau-Okeleji, MD
Adewuni Ojo, MD
Adib Asrabadi, DO
Adil Choudhary, MD
Aditee Ambardekar, M.D.
Aditya Lulla, M.D.
Adnan Badr, MD
Adnan Nadir, MD
Adnan Rafique, M.D.
Adnann Polani, MD
Adrian Harvey, DO
Adrian Lawrence, M.D.
Adriana Miu, Ph.D.
Adriane Dela Cruz, M.D.
Adriane Schiano, MD
Aena Patel, MD
Afsaneh Talai, M.D.
Agnes Augustine, AGNP
Ahamed Idris, M.D.
Ahmad Elsharydah, M.D.
Ahmad Mashmoushi, M.D.
Ahmad Zankar, MD
Ahmed Elantably, MD
Ahmed Embabi, MD
Ahmed Haque, MD
Ahmed Shakir, MD
Aimaz Afrough, M.D.
Aimee Carr, MD
Aimel Azizi, MD
Ainslie Barnard, P.A.-C.
Ainul Wahajia
Aivy Nguyen, PNP
Ajai Cadambi, MD
Ajay Amarnani
Ajay Dubey, MD
Ajay Kallam, MD
Ajay Kohli, M.D.
Ajitha Raju, MD
Akbar Rizvi, MD
Aki Ohinata, P.A.-C.
Akil Farishta, M.D.
Akram Sadeghi, M.D.
Akshath Kamath, MD
Akshita Mehta, M.D.
Akwasi Boah, MD
Al Aly, M.D.
Alaina Geren, M.D.
Alaina Hale, PNP
Alan Dackiw, M.D., Ph.D., MBA
Alan Garrett, DPM
Alan John, M.D.
Alan Munoz, MD
Alan Poole, M.D., Ph.D.
Alan Puddy, MD
Alan Taylor, MD
Alana Hypolite, MD
Albert Huh, M.D.
Alberto Parra, MD
Aldo Andino, M.D.
Aldo Ghobriel, MD
Alecia Nero, M.D.
Alejandra Taylor, D.P.T.
Alessandra Guiner-Da Silva, M.D.
Alex Byrd
Alex Kane, M.D.
Alex Koyfman, M.D.
Alex Valadka, M.D.
Alexa Royston, DO
Alexander Cole, M.D.
Alexander Doyle, M.D.
Alexander Frolov, M.D.
Alexander Gaidarski, MD
Alexander Kirk, M.D.
Alexander Lee, MD
Alexander Liang, MD
Alexander Mackay, MD
Alexander Tessnow, M.D.
Alexandra Abele, CRNA
Alexandra Callan, M.D.
Alexandra Idrovo, M.D.
Alexandra Volk, M.D.
Alexis Barina, M.D.
Alexis Euart, APRN, AGACNP-BC
Alexis Kennedy, P.N.P.
Alexis Kropf, M.D.
Alfonso Barragan, MD
Alfred Di Stefano, MD
Alfred Holden, MD
Ali Ashraf, MD
Ali Baiomy, M.D.
Ali Moustapha, MD
Ali Shirvani, MD
Ali Zamanian Yazdi, M.D.
Alicia Gilmore, RD
Alicia Kiszka, M.D.
Alicia Williams, M.D.
Alicia Yoakum, P.N.P.
Alireza Eajazi, M.D.
Alisa Thamwiwat, MD
Alisa White, P.A.-C.
Alison Cabrera, M.D.
Alison Dolce, M.D.
Alison Kirk, APRN, CNM
Alison Leeflang, C.R.N.A.
Alison Leston, M.D., Ph.D.
Alka Khera, M.D.
Alka Mallik, M.D.
Alla Al-Habib, MD
Allen Hendricks, D.O.
Allen Morey, M.D.
Allen Wang, MD
Allison Dipasquale, MD
Allison Liddell, MD
Allison Van Hoof, AGACNP
Alpa Shah, MD
Alpesh Amin, M.D.
Alphonse Jose, D.P.T.
Alva Roche Green, M.D.
Alvaro Rios, MD
Alvin Chandra, M.D.
Alvin Hyslop, M.D.
Alvin Mathe, DO
Alycia Wanat-Hawthorne, M.D.
Alysa Bayles, APRN, ACNP-BC
Alyson Nakamura, M.D.
Alyssa Macchiaroli, AGPCNP
Amal Aqul, M.D.
Amanda A Fox, M.D.
Amanda Ben Simon, PA-C
Amanda Bush, M.D.
Amanda Champlain, MD
Amanda Chiagouris, D.P.T., C.M.D.T.
Amanda Evans, M.D.
Amanda Garza
Amanda Handley, C.R.N.A.
Amanda Killeen, D.P.M.
Amanda Lovering, Au.D.
Amanda Marshall, M.D.
Amanda Mccreight, D.P.T.
Amanda Mooney, APRN, FNP-C
Amanda Pritchett, LCSW
Amanda Shaw, M.D.
Amanda Virginia, C.R.N.A.
Amanda Williamson, PA-C
Amanda Wolthoff, MD
Ambarish Pandey, M.D., M.S.
Amber Leible, AGPCNP
Amee Patel, M.D.
Ameet Thaker, M.D.
Ameet Thatishetty, MD
Amelework Wodajo, AGAGNP
Amelia Bush, MD
Amelia Tower, DO
Amena Shahabuddin, PA-C
Ami Waters, M.D.
Amir Choudhry, MD
Amir Mujeeb, MD
Amit Bhardwaj, MD
Amit Darnule, MD
Amit Desai, MD
Amit Guttigoli, MD
Amit Khera, M.D.
Amit Masand, MD
Amit Mehta, M.D.
Amit Mirchandani, MD
Amit Prasad, MD
Amit Singal, M.D.
Amitha Thudi, M.D.
Amjad Awan, MD
Ammar Al Akshar
Ammar Al-Laham, MD
Ammar Haque, MD
Amna Ilahe, MD
Amneris Luque, M.D.
Amol Patwardhan, M.D.
Ampili Jagan, AGACNP-BC
Amreen Sitabkhan, MD
Amrita Hans, M.D.
Amy Barnett, D.O., M.S.
Amy Cheng, M.D.
Amy Chisholm, PA-C
Amy Dowdey, LCSW
Amy Eastman, MD
Amy Harris, S.L.P.-C.C.C.
Amy Hederman, FNP
Amy Henard, PA-C
Amy Holder, APRN, FNP-C
Amy Jones, M.D.
Amy Lee
Amy Lo, M.D.
Amy Lunsford, APRN, ACNP-BC
Amy Macaluso, M.D.
Amy Mathews, M.D.
Amy Mcintosh, M.D.
Amy Sessions, P.A.-C.
Amy Shah, DO
Amy Vora, M.D.
Amy Wentworth-Kotara, P.A.-C.
Amy Woodruff, ACNP
Amy Woods, M.D.
Amy Young, M.D.
Amy Zhou, M.D.
Amyn Malik, MD
An Lu, M.D.
An Pham, M.D.
Ana Islam, M.D.
Ana Lorenzo, MD
Ana Rojas, MD
Anamika Goenka, M.D.
Anamika Minampally Nagavender Rao, MD
Anand Balson, MD
Anand Rohatgi, M.D.
Anand Shivnani, MD
Anandhakrishnan Damodaran, MD
Anant Sharma, MD
Anantha Chentha, MD
Ananya Majumder, M.D.
Anas Al Rifai, MD
Anas Alomar, MD
Anas Saleh, MD
Ancy Mathew, APRN, FNP-C
Ancy Varghese, AGACNP
Andre Graham
Andrea Fernandez, FNP
Andrea Hill, AGACNP
Andrea Johnson, M.D.
Andrea Lopez, R.D.N., L.D.
Andrea Lowden, M.D.
Andreas Reimold, M.D.
Andrei Odobescu, M.D.
Andrew Bean, M.D.
Andrew Beaty, MD
Andrew Bolin, MD
Andrew Brooks, M.D.
Andrew Chang, MD
Andrew Clavenna, MD
Andrew Day, M.D., M.P.H.
Andrew Diederich, M.D.
Andrew Dossett, MD
Andrew Gelfand, M.D.
Andrew Golboro, Au.D.
Andrew Hogan, M.D.
Andrew Holt, MD
Andrew Koh, M.D.
Andrew Lee, MD
Andrew Mcclellan, MD
Andrew Miller, MD
Andrew Nasr, D.P.T.
Andrew Parker, MD
Andrew Quinn, M.D.
Andrew Senchak, DO
Andrew Shea, MD
Andrew Stricklin, M.D.
Andrew Sumarsono, M.D
Andrew Sun, MD
Andrew Tomlinson, M.D.
Andrew Tonini, DO
Andrew Vories, MD
Andrew Wang, M.D.
Andrew White, D.O.
Andrew Wilkins, MD
Andrew Yu, M.D.
Andrew Zhang, M.D.
Angela Bazzell, FNP
Angela Cooper, APRN, AGACNP-BC
Angela Cope, MD
Angela Courtney, P.A.-C.
Angela Fulgham Gardner, M.D.
Angela Martinkus, PNP
Angela Meraz, PA-C
Angela Mihalic, M.D.
Angela Moore, MD
Angela Perry, MD
Angela Price, M.D.
Angela Scheuerle, M.D.
Angela Seda, MD
Angela Shedd, M.D.
Angela Shoup, Ph.D.
Angeline Wang, M.D.
Angelito Yango, MD
Anh-Hong Tran, MD
Anik Amin, M.D.
Anil Bhogaraju, MD
Anil Kesani, MD
Anil Nalubotula, MD
Anil Pillai, M.D.
Anil Tibrewal, MD
Anish Bhakta, DO
Anish Bhatt, M.D.
Anish Mirchandani, DO
Anita Bhansali, MD
Anita Chazhikattu, M.D.,
Anita Hegde, M.D.
Anita Holtz, MD
Anita Sengupta, M.D.
Anita Steephen, MD
Anita Tharian, DO
Anitha Joseph, Ph.D.
Anitha Litty, D.N.P., FNP, AGACNP
Anjali Nambiar, M.D.
Anjali Shah, M.D.
Anjana Shah, FNP
Anju Garg, PA-C
Ank Nijhawan, M.D.
Ankeeta Mehta, D.O.
Ankit Patel, M.D.
Ankita Bagaria, P.A.-C.
Ankur Patel, M.D.
Ankur Pradhan, MD
Ann Golden, M.D.
Ann Gordon, P.A.-C.
Ann Leitch, M.D.
Ann Lutich, M.D.
Ann Margaret Ochs, DO
Ann Mathew, FNP
Ann Mootz, M.D.
Ann Navar, M.D., Ph.D., M.H.S.
Ann Ranelle, DO
Anna Jones, PNP
Anna Puentez, P.N.P.
Anna Silberman, M.D.
Anna Tavakkoli, M.D.
Anna Tseng, MD
Anna Tumyan, M.D.
Anna-Maria Toker, MD
Annapurna Jagarlamudi, MD
Anndale Goldston, M.D.
Anne Ambia, M.D.
Anne Kriegshauser, PNP
Anne Mclean-Holden, D.M.D., M.S.
Annelizabeth Carlew, Ph.D.
Annette Bacon, WHCNP
Annette Elbert, MD
Annette Mancuso, P.M.H.N.P.
Annie Kincaid, FNP
Annie Weldon, PA-C
Annika Illum
Anthia Dasari, MD
Anthony Bavry, M.D., M.P.H.
Anthony Berg, MD
Anthony Froix, M.D.
Anthony Macaluso, MD
Anthony Machi, M.D.
Anthony Nebor, MD
Anthony Ortegon, MD
Anthony Riccio, M.D.
Anthony Setiawan, M.D.
Anthony Tannous, M.D.
Anton Zaryanov, DO
Antonia Dalton, M.D.
Antonio Asis, MD
Antonio Garcia, ACAGNP
Anuj Kandel, MD
Anuj Tewari, MD
Anuja Mathew, P.A.-C.
Anunaya Aashish, MD
Anundip Gill, FNP
Anupama Wadhwa, M.D., M.S.
Anuradha Godavari, MD
Anusha Govind, M.D.
Anvy Nguyen, M.D.
Anwar Khurshid, MD
Anwarullah Mohammed, MD
Apurva Lapsiwala, MD
Aqeel Kamal, D.O.
Arash Shirvani, MD
Arati Khanna, M.D.
Aravind Sanjeevaiah, M.D.
Archana Dhar, M.D.
Archana Ganaraj, MD
Archana Rao, MD
Aref Obagi, MD
Arhaanth Reddy, MD
Arianne Gallaty, MD
Ariel Aday, M.D.
Arifa Abid, MD
Aris Tsiakos, MD
Arjmand Mufti, M.D., M.R.C.P.
Arlene Garcia-Soto, MD
Arlene Heintz, CRNA
Armando Montano, C.R.N.A.
Armita Sadeghi, M.D.
Armond Schwartz, MD
Arpan Desai, DO
Arpita Patel, PA-C
Arshad Mustafa, MD
Arthi Kumaravel, MD
Arthur Westover, M.D.
Arturo Dominguez, M.D.
Arturo Segismundo, MD
Arun Padala, MD
Arvind Nana, MD
Arzu Canan, M.D.
Asad Dean, MD
Asad Zamann, MD
Asha Alexander, APRN, A-GNP-C
Asha Chemmalakuzhy, MD
Asha Gene
Asha Kandathil, M.D.
Asha Rajashekar, M.D.
Asha Tharayil, M.D.
Asher Imam, DO
Ashesh Parikh, DO
Ashily Skaria, AGAGNP
Ashish Arshanapalli, MD
Ashish Singh, MD
Ashkan Abbey, MD
Ashkan Soltan, M.D.
Ashlea Findley, D.P.T.
Ashlee Rodecker, APRN, FNP-C
Ashleigh Halderman, M.D.
Ashleigh Jones, PA-C
Ashleigh Westfall, PA-C
Ashley Agan, M.D.
Ashley Babbitt, APRN, AGACNP-BC
Ashley Birmingham, M.D.
Ashley Boothe, F.N.P.
Ashley Britt, ACAGNP
Ashley Butler, PA-C
Ashley Egan, MD
Ashley Feliciano-Rosario, APRN, AGACNP-BC
Ashley Hines, PA-C
Ashley Liou, DO
Ashley Lowery, PA-C
Ashley Mekala, DO
Ashley Neduvelil, Ph.D.
Ashley Noland, C.R.N.A.
Ashley Ryan, P.A.-C.
Ashley Yager, M.D.
Ashley Zara
Ashlynn Ransom, PNP
Ashoke Sathy, M.D.
Ashton Parham, APRN, AGACNP-BC
Ashwani Agarwal, MD
Ashwini Chowdhury, MD
Asif Najmuddin, MD
Asim Ahmad, MD
Aslan Turer, M.D.
Asma Hasan, MD
Asra Jawed, MD
Asra Kermani, M.D.
Assal Rahimi, M.D., M.S.
Astrid Medrano, F.N.P.
Asya Asghar, M.D.
Athar Haq, D.O.
Athra Kaviani, M.D.
Atif Hussain, MD
Atif Saleem, MD
Atinder Panesar, MD
Atul Taneja, M.D., Ph.D.
Audra Clark, M.D.
Audra Schwalk, M.D.
Audrey Allen, P.A.-C.
Audrey Miklius, MD
Augustus Lyons, MD
Auh Whan Park, M.D.
Aurelie Garant, M.D.
Austin Dennard, D.O.
Austin Devoss, D.P.T.
Austin Sheil, PA-C
Austin Street, M.D.
Ava Pierce, M.D.
Avanthi Shah, M.D.
Avi Ruderman, M.D.
Avneesh Chhabra, M.D., M.B.A.
Avneet Bajwa, APRN, FNP-C
Avra Louis, D.D.S
Awilda Luciano, MD
Aya Hamao-Sakamoto, D.D.S.
Ayanna Butler-Cephas, M.D.
Ayesha Jamal, MD
Ayesha Zia, M.D.
Ayman Samman Tahhan, MD
Aziz Klavon, MD
Advanta Toxicology Llc
Aegis Sciences Corporation
American Institute Of Toxicology Inc
Ameripath Texas Inc
Arlington Surgery Center Llc
Associated Pathologists Llc
A Friendly Home Health Care Llc
A Friendly Home Health Care, LBN A Friendly Home Health Care Llc
A K M Home Healthcare, LBN 24 Hour Quality Home Healthcare Llc
A&S Home Health Care, LBN Vinayaka Associates, Llc
Aaa Home Healthcare Inc
Abacus Home Healthcare, LBN Kdc Health Care Partners, Llc
Abasi Home Healthcare, Inc.
Abc Hospice, Llc
Able Home Healthcare, Inc.
Abounding Home Health Care Inc, LBN Abounding Home Health Care,Inc
Abounding Home Health Care,Inc
Abounding Hospice Care Inc, LBN Abounding Hospice Care, Inc.
Abounding Hospice Care, Inc.
Abri At Stephenville, LBN Winnie-Stowell Hospital District
Accel At Willow Bend, LBN South Limestone Hospital District
Accentcare Health, LBN Kindstar, Inc.
Accentcare Home Health Of Marble Falls, LBN Texas Home Health Group Of Marble Falls Llc
Accentcare Home Health Of Taylor, LBN Texas Home Health Group Of Taylor Llc
Accentcare Hospice & Palliative Care Of Texas - Da, LBN Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care Of Texas, Inc.
Accentcare Hospice & Palliative Care Of Texas, LBN Texas Home Health Hospice, L.P.
Acceptance Home Health Llc
Acceptance Home Health, Llc, LBN Acceptance Home Health Llc
Accolade Home Care, LBN Kindstar, Inc.
Accord Palliative And Hospice Care Inc
Accordphc, LBN Accord Palliative And Hospice Care Inc
Active Home Care Services, Inc.
Active Home Health, LBN Active Home Care Services, Inc.
Adelaide Home Health Llc, LBN Adelaide Home Health, Llc
Adelaide Home Health, Llc
Adora 9 Operations Llc
Adora Midtown Park, LBN Adora 9 Operations Llc
Advanced Health & Rehab Center Of Garland, LBN Garland Snf Llc
Advanced Hh Llc
Advanced Home Health Services, LBN Advanced Hh Llc
Advanced Rehabtrust Home Health, LBN Rehabtrust, Inc
Advanced Senior Care Home Health, LBN Martin Graham Enterprises, Llc
Agape Home Care Services, Llc
Ahm Action Home Health, Lp
Aiding Home Health Llc, LBN Aiding Home Health, Llc
Aiding Home Health, Llc
Alcomed Homehealth Services Inc, LBN Alcomed Homehealth Services, Inc
Alcomed Homehealth Services, Inc
Alfred Healthcare Services  Inc., LBN Alfred Healthcare Services, Inc.
Alfred Healthcare Services, Inc.
Alinea Family Hospice Care Llc
Alive Home Health Care Inc, LBN Alive Home Health Care, Inc
Alive Home Health Care, Inc
All About Care Homehealth Services Inc.
All- Ages Home Health Care, Llc
All Care Professional Home Health Inc, LBN All Care Professional Home Health, Inc.
All Care Professional Home Health, Inc.
Alliance A Plus Home Health Care Inc, LBN Alliance A-Plus Home Health Care, Inc.
Alliance A-Plus Home Health Care, Inc.
Alliance Homehealth Care
Allstar Hospice, LBN Goldstar Home Health System, Inc
Almighty Home Health, LBN Dj Home Care, Inc
Almonte Care Of Grapevine, Llc
Alpha Omega Hospice Lp
Alphatrends, Inc.
Altamonte Care Of Beaumont, Llc
Altamonte Care Of Beeville, Llc
Altamonte Care Of Houston Northwest, Llc
Altamonte Care Of Houston Southeast, Llc
Altamonte Care Of Richland Hills Llc
Altruist Hospice Inc
Altruist Hospice, Inc, LBN Altruist Hospice Inc
Amatus Health Care Llc
Amatus Hospice And Palliative Care Llc
Amazing Health Services, LBN Carelife Health Services Inc
Amedicus Home Health Inc
Amedicus Home Health Inc., LBN Amedicus Home Health Inc
Amedicus Hospice Inc
Amedisys Hospice, LBN Compassionate Care Hospice Of Central Texas, Llc
Amedisys Hospice, LBN Hospice Holdings Dfw Llc
American Home Care, LBN Tbhl Inc
American Home Hospice Inc, LBN American Home Hospice, Inc.
American Home Hospice, Inc.
American Hospice, Inc.
American Star Home Health Care Dfw Inc
American Star Home Health Care Inc, LBN American Star Home Health Care Dfw Inc
Americansenior, LBN Winghing Chun, Inc
Amh Cath Labs Llc
Amity Hospice, LBN Nsn Group Llc
Angel Hands Hospice, LBN Star Hearts Inc
Angel Heart Hospice, Llc
Angels At Hand Health Care, LBN Vagilant Home Health Services, Inc.
Apex Homecare Inc
Apex Hospice, Llc
Applesoft Homecare Svc Llc, LBN Applesoft Homecare Svc., Llc
Applesoft Homecare Svc., Llc
Arbor Lake Nursing & Rehabilitation Llc
Arbrook Plaza, LBN Hamilton County Hospital District
Arc Therapy Services Llc
Arden Place Of Beaumont, LBN Altamonte Care Of Beaumont, Llc
Arden Place Of Beeville, LBN Altamonte Care Of Beeville, Llc
Arden Place Of Grapevine, LBN Almonte Care Of Grapevine, Llc
Arden Place Of Richland Hills, LBN Altamonte Care Of Richland Hills Llc
Arden Place, LBN Altamonte Care Of Houston Southeast, Llc
Arden Wood, LBN Altamonte Care Of Houston Northwest, Llc
Arlington Residence And Rehabilitation Center, LBN Jack County Hospital District
Arlington Villas Rehabilitation And Healthcare Cen, LBN Next Gen Sp Llc
Arms Of Comfort Home Health Inc
Ascend Home Care Llc, LBN Ascend Home Care, Llc
Ascend Home Care, Llc
Aspen Healthcare Services Inc, LBN Aspen Healthcare Services, Inc
Aspen Healthcare Services, Inc
Aspen Hospice Care Inc
Assurance Home Care Solutions Llc
Assurance Home Care Solutions, LBN Assurance Home Care Solutions Llc
Aster Home Healthcare Llc, LBN Aster Home Healthcare, Llc
Aster Home Healthcare, Llc
At Home Healthcare, LBN Northeast Texas Home Health Agency Ltd.
Athens Healthcare And Rehabilitation Center, LBN Loh Ops Athens Llc
Austin Wellness & Rehabilitation, LBN Coryell County Memorial Hospital Authority
Autumn Leaves, LBN Lcs-Al Llc
Available Home Care Inc
Aviator Home Health, LBN Robnita Health Care Services Inc.
Azza Home Health Care Agency, LBN Azza Provider Services Inc
Azza Provider Services Inc
Babatunde Ogunnaike, M.D.
Babu Welch, M.D.
Bailee Goddard-Hymas, Au.D.
Bailor Hardman, M.D.
Bala Grandhi, MD
Bala Ramanan, M.D.
Baneen Manekia, AGACNP
Bantoo Sehgal, MD
Bao Lam, C.R.N.A.
Bappaditya Ray, M.D.
Baran Sumer, M.D.
Barbara Hoffman, M.D.
Barbara Schultz, M.D.
Barbara Webster, DO
Bardia Amirlak, M.D.
Barry Firstenberg, DO
Barry Hicks, M.D.
Basak Dogan, M.D.
Basem Abdelfattah, MD
Becky Ennis, M.D.
Beena Mathew, AGPCNP
Belinda Carmona, P.A.-C.
Belinda Gopito, DO
Ben Graham, PA-C
Ben Kahn, MD
Ben Lippe, Ph.D.
Benjamin Bowers, MD
Benjamin Chong, M.D., M.S.C.S.
Benjamin Deheshi, MD
Benjamin Drapkin, M.D.
Benjamin Drury, MD
Benjamin Greenberg, M.D.
Benjamin Heller, M.D.
Benjamin Lee, M.D.
Benjamin Levi, M.D.
Benjamin Levine, M.D.
Benjamin Nanes, M.D.
Benjamin Nguyen, M.D.
Benjamin Schneider, M.D.
Benjamin Smith
Berchmans John, MD
Berenice Bisong, CRNA
Berge Minassian, M.D.
Bernard Fischbach, MD
Bernard Kerich, P.A.-C.
Bernice Samuel, D.N.P., FNP-C.
Beth Deschenes, D.P.T.
Beth Kennard, Psy.D.
Beth Valashinas, MD
Bethany Baumgart, Au.D.
Bethany Brum, Au.D.
Bethany Jinright, P.A.
Bethany Lussier, M.D.
Bethany Roehm, M.D.
Bethsabee Stone, M.D.
Betty Rajan, MD
Betty Yang, M.D.
Beverly Bishop, MD
Bhanu Nagalla, MD
Bharati Bansal, M.D.
Bhaskar Gurram, M.D.
Bhavani Moparty, MD
Bhavya Shah, M.D.
Bibas Reddy, DO
Biff Palmer, M.D.
Bijal Modi, MD
Biju Lukose, MD
Bilal Ashraf, M.D.
Bilal Khan, MD
Bilha Mureithi, PMHNP
Bindu Madhavi Mudduluru, MD
Bing Zheng, ANP
Binoy Sheth, DPM
Biral Patel, M.D.
Birjis Chinoy, MD
Blaine Farless, MD
Blake Staub, MD
Blessey John, PA-C
Blessing Chimenga, APRN, FNP-BC
Bo Wu, M.D.
Bonnie Bermas, M.D.
Bonnie Davis, AGNP
Bonnie Prokesch, M.D.
Boone Bacon, PA-C
Bor-Jiun Chen, C.R.N.A.
Bouaphane Hongkeo, PA-C
Bowlva Lee, DO
Brad Hornberger, P.A.-C.
Braden Moore, DPM
Bradford Waddell, MD
Bradley Barth, M.D.
Bradley Goettl, DNP, FNP, AGACNP
Bradley Harman, MD
Bradley Lega, M.D.
Bradley Marple, M.D.
Bradley Smith, MD
Bradley Strong, MD
Bradley Strout, M.D.
Bradley Weprin, M.D.
Brady Giesler, MD
Brady Mootz, M.D.
Brady Rhodes, DPM
Brandi Briggs, C.R.N.A.
Brandi Ciufi, ACAGNP
Brandie Williams, MD
Brandon Bruns, M.D.
Brandon Hill, MD
Brandon Isaacson, M.D.
Brandon Mecham
Brandon Ramo, M.D.
Brandy Conner, D.O.
Brenda Payne, APRN, ACNP-BC
Brenda Thompson, CNS
Brendan Kelley, M.D.
Brendan Reagan, MD
Brendan Sayers, P.A.-C.
Brenna Thomas, Au.D.
Brent Baboolal, MD
Brent Banks, DPM
Brent Belvin, MD
Brent Metts
Brent Patterson, MD
Brent Spencer, MD
Bret Beavers, MD
Bret Evers, M.D.
Brett Arnoldo, M.D.
Brett Johnson, M.D.
Brett Mueller, DO
Brett Roth, M.D.
Brett Whittemore, M.D.
Brette Harding, M.D., M.S.
Bri Mahanna, APRN, AGACNP-BC
Brian Adkins, M.D.
Brian Anding, MD
Brian Bravenec, M.D.
Brian Duffy, M.D.
Brian Feagins, MD
Brian Flowers, MD
Brian Gengler, MD
Brian Gladnick, MD
Brian Hajovsky, MD
Brian Han, M.D.
Brian Holmes, M.D.
Brian Langford, M.D.
Brian Le, MD
Brian Miller, M.D.
Brian Perry, M.D.
Brian Snow, MD
Brian Tibbs, MD
Brian Tobias, DO
Brian Webb, MD
Briana Witherspoon, ACNP
Brianna Morrison, CRNA
Brianna Myers, PA-C
Brianna Sayre, PNP
Brianne Stull, PA-C
Bridget Onyegesi
Brijesh Patel, MD
Britney Etheridge-Cox, P.N.P.
Britney Webster, NNP
Brittany Berry, AGACNP
Brittany Hall, Ph.D.
Brittany Herring, P.N.P.
Brittany Uhlenbrock, D.P.T.
Brittany Walls, Ph.D.
Brittney Sims, ACAGNP
Brittny Tillman, M.D.
Brook Adams, MD
Brooke Day, PA-C
Brooke Hays, AGNP
Brooke Mills, M.D.
Brooke Stovall, PA-C
Bruce Fine, MD
Bruce Schlomer, M.D.
Bruce Wall, MD
Bruno Braga, M.D.
Bruno Gross, MD
Bryan Block, M.D.
Bryan Bruner, MD
Bryan Ming, MD
Bryan Reyes, MD
Bryan Reynolds, PA-C
Bryan Romito, M.D., MBA
Bryan Selkin, MD
Bryan Skulpoonkitti, DO
Bryan Youree, MD
Bryce Mays, MD
Buffy Powell, APRN, ACNP-BC
Bushra Naeem, ACNP
Byung Lee, MD
Byung Park, MD