Southwestern Health Resources is committed to the highest standards of ethics and compliance.

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At Southwestern Health Resources (SWHR), our core values are grounded in accountability and a commitment to doing the right thing and conducting ourselves with integrity in all matters. We believe healthcare can be more integrated, accessible and affordable for all. A strict adherence to matters of compliance is a vital component of how we put this commitment into practice at SWHR.

Annual ethics and compliance training ensures that even the newest employees in our organization understand and comply with all related laws and policies as outlined in our Code of Conduct (PDF).

The SWHR Code of Conduct:

  • Reflects our commitment to ethical business behavior.
  • Provides guidelines for making informed decisions.
  • Presents an overview of the policies we adhere to daily.

For information regarding the Code of Conduct, or to report compliance issues, please call the Compliance and Fraud Helpline at 1-844-760-5838, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or email To report fraud, waste, or abuse, please call the Compliance and Fraud Helpline at 1-844-760-5838 or email SWHR will protect your confidentiality should you prefer to remain anonymous.


Policies and procedures reflect SWHR values

The Corporate Compliance team at SWHR includes leaders who are experts in regulatory compliance, privacy, health system operations, coding and billing guidance.

As an organization, we:

  • Collaborate cross-functionally to operationalize compliance requirements and best practices, supporting our network providers and their patients.
  • Identify areas of risk and develop appropriate mitigation strategies, as needed.
  • Direct SWHR network providers to resources for documentation and billing guidance.
  • Deliver employee and provider training during onboarding, as well as annually, to meet regulatory requirements, including to Advanced Practice Providers (APP) and clinic staff.

We hold ourselves to the most rigorous standards for ethics and compliance adherence, by supporting open identification, discussion, reporting and resolution of compliance and fraud, waste and abuse matters without fear of retaliation.

As organizational policies are reviewed and approved, they are catalogued and disseminated to the organization through our policies and procedures library.


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