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2020 High-performing Next Generation ACO
SWHR earns high savings and quality scores in Next Generation ACO Model

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that Southwestern Health Resources (SWHR) saved Medicare more…

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Southwestern Health Resources earns high savings and quality scores in 2020 Next Generation Accountable Care Organization results

DALLAS — The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that Southwestern Health Resources (SWHR) saved…

Young doctor checks patient vitals
Southwestern Health Resources earns top honor for helping patients control blood pressure

Dallas — Southwestern Health Resources (SWHR), the clinically integrated network of UT Southwestern Medical Center and Texas…

SWHR works with Landmark Health to boost care of medically complex patients

Medically complex patients, such as older patients with multiple chronic conditions, are a driver of medical service…

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SWHR, UT Southwestern team up to train physician assistant students in quality improvement

As the emphasis in the healthcare industry continues its shift toward preventive care and quality improvement (QI), the…

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Top-rated physicians share best practices for patient engagement

Patient experience is a top priority for Southwestern Health Resources (SWHR) because it is a key step in moving toward patient…

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SWHR’s Chief Medical Officer gives tips for humanized telehealth visits

It's not rare for Jason Fish, MD, to look at his patients' pools or their pantries, at least within the past year. The pandemic…

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Osteoporosis: What it is and how to get tested

Osteoporosis is a disease that occurs when the body loses too much bone density, increasing the risk of a fracture (broken bone…

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Osteoporosis: Who is at risk and how to prevent it

Many people have experienced a broken bone (fracture) in their lives. Usually, the bone heals, and you get back to your life…

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Physician has a passion for prevention and changing mindsets

Iram Hamdard, MD, is passionate about preventive medicine. It's a philosophy that guides her approach to patient care, and she…

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Why you need to take your medications as prescribed — and how to stay on track

Medications help manage health conditions and diseases, improve quality of life and may even be lifesaving. But millions of…

SWHR CMO shares 4 ways to combat physician burnout

Healthcare organizations must take steps to address physician burnout, Jason Fish, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice…

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Manage stress to lower blood pressure

You can learn to cope with stress in healthy ways. Better stress management can help you control hypertension.

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Managing hypertension with food

Focus on small, heart-healthy changes to your eating plan, and you can make a positive difference in your health.

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Colorectal cancer screenings: Know all your options

Talk with your doctor about colorectal cancer screening. Together, you can decide which colorectal cancer test is right for you.