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Southwestern Health Resources Awarded ACO REACH Model

DALLAS – Southwestern Health Resources (SWHR), the clinically integrated network which blends the strengths of UT Southwestern…

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What is a clinically integrated network (CIN)?

We're often asked what it means when we say SWHR is a clinically integrated network (CIN). The answer is it depends on who you…

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What is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO)?

An ACO, according to the glossary of terms published by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information…

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Care Transformation and Innovation: empowering primary care

Asked about the mission of the Care Transformation and Innovation (CTI) team, Debra Payne, Director of Care Management,…

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The importance of the primary care physician

The Southwestern Health Resources (SWHR) clinically integrated network is built around the critical role of the primary care…

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SWHR earns national recognition for commitment to improving cardiovascular health

Southwestern Health Resources (SWHR) received national awards from the American Heart Association (AHA) and American Medical…

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Heidi Chanthamany: building community, embracing diversity

As a first-generation Cuban American growing up in Miami, Heidi Chanthamany found doctors in her neighborhood were well-versed…

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Donnell Rodgers: Love for family, job and a little ‘retail therapy’ make for a rich life

Donnell Rodgers works as a Desktop Support Specialist with Southwestern Health Resources, focused on turning employees'…

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Courtney Holcomb: Pursuing scalable solutions

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) provides a structured method of achieving results that create value and reduce burdens through business…

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Allison Stankey: leading with empathy

Full-time physician relationship manager (PRM) and part-time stage actress, Allison Stankey brings a range of emotions to her…

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John L. Crawford, MD – making a difference

DALLAS – Ever meet someone whose every word radiates positive energy and boundless curiosity? John Crawford, MD, is like that…

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SWHR Chief Medical Officer shares strategies for addressing health disparity in North Texas

Speaking with D Magazine, Jason Fish, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Southwestern Health Resources (SWHR), had an opportunity to…

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SWHR study advances innovations in blood pressure measurement, improving accuracy of hypertension diagnosis and control

A study conducted by SWHR utilizing lean Six Sigma (LSS) methodologies identified significant opportunities to improve the…

Global and Professional Direct Contracting
Southwestern Health Resources to Participate in Global and Professional Direct Contracting Model

Southwestern Health Resources (SWHR), the clinically integrated network created by UT Southwestern Medical Center and Texas…

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Southwestern Health Resources recognized among Top 100 Places to Work by The Dallas Morning News

DALLAS — Southwestern Health Resources (SWHR), the clinically integrated network of UT Southwestern Medical Center and Texas…