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Man using a glucose meter to test his blood sugar levels
How to prevent diabetes complications

Heart problems, kidney troubles, digestive issues and vision problems. Unmanaged diabetes can affect just about every system in…

Middle aged woman wearing earbuds
Type 2 diabetes: Risk factors and screenings

More than 30 million people in the U.S. have Type 2 diabetes — and at least 7 million don’t know it yet. That’s because Type 2…

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SWHR receives Gold Award for pandemic resources website

Southwestern Health Resources (SWHR) was named a 2020 Gold Award winner at this year's Healthcare Leadership Awards for its…

Woman using her laptop to learn more about breast cancer
7 breast cancer myths debunked

“Don’t use antiperspirant.” “Only older people get breast cancer.” You’ve probably heard more than a few myths about breast…

Two middle aged women laughing and walking
How you can lower your breast cancer risk

While there’s no guaranteed way to prevent breast cancer, there are some things you can do to lower your chances of getting it…

Monitoring blood pressure at home
How to monitor your blood pressure at home — and why you should do it

It’s easy to forget about the blood pumping through your blood vessels, delivering nutrients and oxygen to your body — until…

skyline view of texas city
Texas roots and love for science help carve physician’s career path

If you’re born and raised in Texas, you might argue that you’ll never have a need to leave. This certainly holds true for…

Female doctor holds hands and comforts patient
Physician approaches treatment with strong relationships, holistic approach

Dr. Brian Byrd holds strong beliefs. He believes that caring for his patients requires more than just focusing on a medical…

Young Black doctor attends to elderly Black woman
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UT Southwestern, THR hospitals ranked among the best in DFW by U.S. News & World Report

Four hospitals in the Southwestern Health Resources (SWHR) network were ranked in the top 10 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area by U…

doctor giving patient medicine
Care N’ Care director named as fellow of state pharmacy association

Shane Greene, Director of Pharmacy Services for Care N’ Care, has long been a vocal advocate for elevating the role of pharmacy…

Patient and doctor navigate health challenges side by side

A trusted primary care physician can be the difference maker between maintaining basic health and achieving optimal wellness,…

Nurse holding hands of elder Black woman
In the news
Southwestern Health Resources featured in D magazine for Next Gen ACO performance

D magazine has recognized Southwestern Health Resources for its recent top-performing recognition among all Next Generation…