Better solutions based on the perfect alignment of quality, access, and value.


At Southwestern Health Resources, delivering answers for health benefits programs has never been more attainable. For us, it’s all about providing value. To better serve your employees, you need to offer comprehensive, cost-effective care.

Give employees better care at a better value.


Our network is designed to improve your employees' health and productivity while reducing costs per employee, per year. Let’s work together to help you see success and increase profitability.


Coming together for the best possible care.

Collaborations through the SWHR purpose-driven network means exceptional primary care physicians working alongside outstanding specialists to achieve the best possible results for patients, including coordinating access to a full continuum of care no matter where someone lives or works in our community.


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Partnering with employers to offer great health benefits, not less care.


By partnering with employers to offer great health benefits, you’ll have a team available to work with your employees to coordinate the best possible care. All without reducing quality. And while there are health care plans that force employees into narrower networks to save cost, our approach is different. We aim to combat that assumption by focusing on improving your employees’ health and productivity, while reducing costs.

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Broad networks deliver fragmented care, resulting in higher costs.

Lack of coordination and support means employees spend more time and money.

SWHR coordinates care though our high performing network.

We understand that employee retention and attraction are important to your business so we help reduce disruption and get employees to the right care.

Efficient, high quality care supports cost-saving health benefit solutions.

Your employees receive the right procedure, not multiple procedures.

  • Coordinate Care Effectively
  • Implement Efficiencies
  • Achieve Quality

Our strategies produced $73 million in cost savings for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

SWHR cost savings SWHR cost savings SWHR cost savings
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