Returning to your physician's office

Proper precautions for an in-person doctor appointment

We're all trying to safeguard our health against exposure to the coronavirus, and social distancing and avoiding public places is part of it. However, staying up to date on important preventive medical care may require an in-person visit to your doctor.

There are ways to stay safe while keeping current on regularly scheduled procedures, including mammograms and colorectal cancer screening. You can be confident that your physician and other care facilities are adhering to strict guidelines that minimize risk and your exposure to others.

What to expect when you go to your doctor's office

General guidelines and precautions for all physician offices
  • All patients, visitors and staff are screened and temperature checked upon entry to buildings.
    • The screening process is very detailed, and any cause for concern generally results in patients being rescheduled for a later date.
  • Patients are allowed to be accompanied by only one guest, and no one under age 12.
  • All patients, visitors and staff are required to wear face masks at all times.
  • Staff are also required to wear eye protection (i.e., goggles, face shields).
  • Check-in and check-out areas have plexiglass shields between the patient and staff member.
  • Options for touchless payment are available in MyChart. If paying with a card, staff members do not touch the card.
  • All touch points (waiting areas, counters, etc.) are sanitized regularly.
  • Seating in waiting areas are kept 6 feet apart.
Precautions specific to eye exams and ophthalmology/optometry visits
  • All exam equipment has been fitted with plexiglass shields between staff and patients.
  • All touch points (chairs, counters, equipment, etc.) in exam rooms are cleaned with virucidal cleaner after every patient visit.
  • All physicians and staff wash their hands after every patient visit and wear gloves if contact is necessary.
  • Drops and medications are limited to single use or disposed of if there is any concern about contamination.

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