SWHR’s Chief Medical Officer gives tips for humanized telehealth visits

Clinicians are seeing telehealth as a window into patients’ everyday lives. Careful patient-provider communication can help them navigate visits to improve engagement.

It's not rare for Jason Fish, MD, to look at his patients' pools or their pantries, at least within the past year. The pandemic's telehealth boom led to a humanized patient experience, drawing on patient-provider communication skills to allow for strong patient engagement.  

"I've got some patients I've been managing for 10 years, and there were things that I saw hanging on their wall or pictures that just never came up during all the visits they have in the office, which is by design meant to be a sterile space, but telehealth wasn't," said Fish, SWHR Chief Medical Officer, to PatientEngagementHIT.  

Even though telehealth adoption, which in July 2020 the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services said reached 9 million users during COVID-19's first surge, came with a bit of a learning curve, Fish said it opened new doors to patient engagement.  

For one thing, Fish said it made his patients more at-ease during care encounters. Even though his patients trust him, being in his patients' homes via video call made patient-provider communication both more insightful and more useful.  

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